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Looking for "Hair coloring near me"?

Welcome to Atomic Orchard Salon! If you are looking for a fresh new hair color, then you are in the right place.  We offer custom hair coloring for women and men.   


Things to consider when choosing your next hair color service.


  • Do I wash my hair frequently?

  • Play sports or or workout every day?

  • Wear my hair up most of the time?

  • Do I swim often?


  • Can I come in at the proper frequency to keep up with my hair color?

  • High Maintenance 6-8 weeks

  • Medium Maintenance 10-12 weeks

  • Low maintenance 12+ weeks 

Hair Health

  • To achieve my end goal, is my current hair healthy enough to go through the process to achieve it?

  • Am I willing to put in pre-work to achieve the level of healthy hair needed to achieve my end goal?


After Care & Commitment

  • Once I leave the salon, will I be capable of maintaining on a regular basis at home?

  • Will I use the recommended products from my stylist?

  • How long do I really want this color? Is this seasonal or long term?


Your Hair Coloring Journey Begins Here

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