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Hair Cut

Looking for a "haircut near me"?

Welcome to Atomic Orchard Salon! If you are looking for a fresh new haircut, then you are in the right place.  Choose from a wide array of modern and classic haircut options including;

  • bob haircuts for women

  • shoulder length haircuts

  • fine haircuts

  • long layers haircuts

  • mens haircuts

  • kids haircuts(see child policy)   


All haircuts are $50.00/hr and are ageless & genderless. Haircut Services include shampoo, cut and blow dry.

Whether you are going for a stylish new look or want to stick your regular style, We've got you! We understand how important your haircut is to you and thats why we take the time to have a thorough consultation with every client before we begin a service.  Ensuring that we are on the same page is essential to a satisfying experience.


4 Benefits of a Routine Haircut 


Hair care is self care.  In addition to looking and feeling great, getting A routine haircut has many benefits that you might not be aware of.   

Here are 4 reasons to get your hair cut on a regular basis:

  1. Bolsters hair growth Getting routine haircuts is excellent for bolstering hair growth.  Removing damaged split ends promotes hair growth and keeps your hair looking healthier and thicker.  Getting a trim every 6 weeks will help ensure your hair is in excellent condition.

  2. Healthier hair -  Chemical and heat damaged & dead hair lead to split ends. Split ends ends can make your hair look dry and dull.  A routine haircut removes damaged hairs and keeps your hair looking and feeling healthier.

  3. Easier to manage daily -  Routine haircuts help to keep your hair more manageable on a daily basis.  A regular haircut keeps your appearance clean and neat, which results in less time and effort when styling your own hair in the morning.

  4. Better hair texture -  Routine haircuts can improve the texture of your hair.  Texturizing hair can help even those with fine hair  appear fuller, thicker and stronger.

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