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From Dark to Light: Patience Is a Virtue

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Transitioning from dark hair to light hair can be a process that requires patience, along with multiple appointments to achieve a desired level of lightness. In today's world of "lived in" hair color, such as Balayage and Ombre coloring trends, it can be complicated to lift dark hair to a pale blonde in one process. The image pictured is an example of the different stages of a Balayage process and how tones can appear warm, or "orange", during the transition from dark to light.

The most important part of hair coloring is to avoid damage to the hair's integrity during a service. In order to achieve a silver tone, hair must be lightened to a pale blonde, lighter than image number 3. It is important for a client to understand that it may not be practical to expect to cut through previous hair color to a light enough level of blonde required to produce silver tones in one visit to the salon.

Don't lose hope yet! There are plenty of beautiful tones that can be worn during the transition from dark to light and with your commitment and some patience, we can begin the journey together.

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