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"Proper Care for Curly Hair: Tips and Tricks for Beautiful, Bouncy Curls"

Curly Red Hair

Let’s take a moment to shoutout the curly hair! That’s the real struggle for so many beautiful people! The good news is that, with a knowledgeable stylist and proper hair care, you can experience amazing curly hair.


The two most common problems I hear about curly hair are either the person doesn’t know how to take care of it because they were never taught, or they have had a bad hair experience because the stylist was not a good fit for curly hair needs. There are a handful of other problems that can occur, but typically these two problems are the most addressed during a curly hair consultation.


Much of the time a curly haircut goes wrong because of the tension that is distributed by the hair stylist during the cutting process. Too much tension can create the appearance of uneven gaps and “steps” in a curly cut. Weight distribution of the shortest layer in the cut is very important for curly hair to lay desirably. 


Many will say that you should cut curly hair dry. In some instances I agree, but it should be determined on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the curl pattern and texture, density of the hair, and if a chemical service is being performed during the appointment. If the hair is cut wet, it should be styled completely, and crosschecked for any tailoring that might be necessary, including texturizing the ends to soften any bulk.


There are a lot of myths about how to take care of curly hair and what to use for products. There are a huge variety on the market. I waited for well over a year for the ones I use on my clients, and I have had a ton of consistent, positive results and feedback. I determine what is needed during the consultation and service. I like to educate the client on which ones might be good for them to try as a take home product to make their hair more manageable, and I will definitely hype the smell of them because I really like it a lot!

I never recommend using edible food items, such as mayonnaise, eggs, or coconut oil as a conditioner or product for curly hair. It is possible for these items to create a build up on the hair shaft, as well as the scalp, and cause a block for your sebaceous glands and oils to do what they are designed to do, naturally protect and nourish the hair. 


All hair types, including curly hair, need regular hair trims, along with  moisture, bonding, and protein conditioning treatments,  to maintain the best integrity of the hair and keep it good health.


Ultimately, healthy hair is the goal!

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