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5 Things You Need to Know to Help Get Your Beach Waves Ready for Summer

Updated: Jan 26

1. ALWAYS use a heat protectant!

Thermal styling, including beach-waving, curling, flat-ironing, and even just blow-drying, are in serious need for an oil or spray-in heat protector that should be applied to either damp or dry hair before using any kind of hot tool in the hair. It is important to avoid using a tool at a higher than necessary temperature to maintain the hair’s best integrity. 2. How well your hair holds curl depends on your hair’s elasticity. If you think your hair struggles to hold its curl, it might be time to add some moisture to your hair! It would be a wise choice to consider a deep conditioning, keratin re-constructor, or bond building treatment. This will ensure your waves withstand the extra hours of wear time during those longer days that summer brings about! 3. Sectioning the hair is really important. When curling the hair, take vertical sections instead of horizontal ones and try to keep the curling iron or flat iron in a vertical position while curling hair! By doing this, you will achieve a more “beach wave” type curl instead of a more “vintage” wave pattern. Also, try to keep the curls lower than the crown of the head. Remember to curl the hair closest to the face away from the face. Alternate the direction of curls to create a more natural beach wave! 4. No heat waves! Remember to let your curls COMPLETELY curl before spraying them and combing through them! This is VERY important when it comes to how long a curl will last! 5. Relax and enjoy! To get a more relaxed beach wave, get yourself a wide tooth comb! After cooling and spraying the curls with a pliable hairspray, comb the curls repeatedly to find their happy place! I comb them forward from the top of the crown toward the face and then finger pick them into my own version of perfection!

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