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Your Ultimate Guide to a Great Hair Appointment

Updated: Jan 26

Pre-Appointment Guidelines: #1. Be sure to clear enough time in your schedule so you don’t rush a good thing! Ask your stylist how long she anticipates the appointment to take. Figure in travel time and add a small window in case your service ends up requiring some fine tuning! #2. Arrange child-care with a dependable source. No child should be expected to sit still and quiet during a salon service. As a parent, you have had the time it takes to perfect the drowning out of your child’s noises and movements, but to other guests who might be needing downtime or might be suffering in some unknown way, a salon would not be a relaxing atmosphere if occupied by a restless child. A stylist wants every guest to enjoy a desirable salon experience.

Consultation Guidelines: #1. Bring photos to your appointment. Create a hair Pinterest board, or even screenshot them for easy access if you are smartphone savvy. Stylists are typically visual people and appreciate photos as reference points. #2. Tell your stylist what you DO and DON’T like about your hair! Be prepared to be open to suggestion. Sometimes there is a better solution to the hair’s problem than an untrained eye can recognize! Appointment Guidelines: #1. Take a snack or drink if you know you might be hungry or thirsty during your hair session! It’s no fun sitting hungry for a three-hour color procedure! #2. During your appointment, ask your stylist questions you might have about products or styling tips to help you improve your daily hair routine! Last guideline: Ask your stylist when to return and ALWAYS pre-book your follow up appointment so you don’t forget as days can get busy! It is a bummer when you can’t get in when it is time for upkeep! You can always reschedule if you can’t make it!

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